Deep, ancient wisdom to bring revelations and illuminate your soul

All numbers have an energy and ascended numerology is about using the energy of the numbers from the birth name, place and date to bring forward the soul’s energy once more. This in turn helps you to reconnect to the gateway of the ascension vibration and to connect with the divine source of energy.

Ascended Numerology is an ancient Essene practice that was lost during the burning of the library at Alexandria around 400AD.  Humanity is now ready to receive again this gift.  Each number has a corresponding ascended energy, a code waiting to be revealed to you.


Ascended numerology is a gift that inspires you to unlock the wisdom and truth within. The revelations, not predictions, in the session are always given from a place of honour, respect, humility and kindness. The depth of the information revealed is what you are now READY to hear. 

The Three Types of Ascended Numerology Sessions

One: The Diamond foundation

The benefit of the Diamond foundation is that it brings a sense of revelation allowing you to gain clarity as to your Soul Code based on your birth information 

This session offers you a glimpse into the divinity of their soul path and clarity as to how to move forward.

You may like to have this session if you’re interested in starting your journey of self-ascension. If you are already on the path, you will find the session essential to get to grips with your purpose in life from a soul point of view and not from the ego.

The Diamond foundation: £70.00

Two: Life Review/Soul Code Expansion

The benefit of this session is to use the Diamond foundation and expand on the information gained from the birth information.

This session offers you the ability to develop and reveal details regarding life purpose and soul path based upon the Diamond Foundation and the Soul Code Revelation Sheet.  It takes you deeper into your spiritual awareness.

You may use this part of ascended numerology to gain more clarity as to how to move forward on your path with peace, love, joy and trust while feeling supported by the universe. Unlocking your inner wisdom and gaining trust of your own knowledge.

Life Review/Soul Code Expansion :£105

Three: Questions (as either part of or as a separate session). 

These additional questions focus upon specific discoveries such as: relationship/partnership, health and healing and career choices etc in combination with your master soul code.

The benefits of this session is to go even deeper into a specific area of your life and answer questions on a more precise platform and more relevant to the here and now. The session highlights your ability to awaken to your soul energy.

This session offers you a more specialized session on a direct area of your lives that you might be concerned about. It offers more peace, trust and balance into your life. It will give you reassurance.

A questions session gives you information and clarity concerning something that you are considering and to see if it is for your highest and best good, and how it will benefit your soul purpose.

Question session: £125

Ascended Numerology sessions can be done by email.  A full written explanation will be supplied and  examples of any practices that would help bring forth the energies required will be given along side the reading.

Friendly, professional and thorough. Wendy took all the information she needed from me and then discussed what my Ascended Numerology report meant to me and the question that I'd asked. I found the whole process insightful and fascinating. The information is of value to me and Wendy answered all my questions. My question WAS something that I hadn't gained clarity around but now I have guidance on how to move forward. Wendy is such a warm and friendly lady that you can't help but to feel comfortable in her presence. I really enjoyed the whole experience. It has given me food for thought and a clearer way for me to move forward towards my purpose in my life. Thank you Wendy!
Gosport, Hampshire
I am in a transitional state of my life and I found this session highlighted a lot of emotions I needed to face and consider. It was very emotive and pertinent to the questions that I asked. Wendy was calm, comforting and very helpful.
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Very professional and I felt very safe while the information was being shared. Serious food for thought especially about my home town. I now appreciate with more clarity that it is always my choice to make things happen, not relying on others.


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