This workshop teaches you how to put energetic protection procedures in place for both yourself and others. This one day workshop will give you the background and history to Silver-Violet Flame, where and how to use it and its benefits. To learn about your ‘aura’ and the part it plays in connection to your physical body.  You will receive an attunement and be given time to practise and ask questions. This workshop is particularly useful if you work closely with clients and members of the public and is very beneficial if you are working with Reiki whether on yourself or others.

In this workshop you will also learn about ‘The seven Colour Rays’ in connection to your chakras.  You will open up to working with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Silver Violet Flame and how to use it.

This is a beautiful, gentle and enlightening day.

This gentle yet powerful energy can be used to clear negative energies which you may have picked up from other people wanting to off-load energetically.

This beautiful energy  has  many purposes

  • It works by changing vibrations
  • it revitalises and invigorates
  • It can heal emotional and physical problems
  • It improves relationships
  • It helps you to grow spiritually
  • It can ease life generally

1 day workshop including manual and light lunch: £150.00


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