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Key therapy

Come dare to find the keys to unlock your own personal power, internal bliss and

uplifting joy.

A key can represent mystery, privilege, secrecy, and perhaps most important of all security something that appears to be hard to come by at the moment.  With the help of key therapy Wendy will help you to unravel the mystery to living an amazing life, knowing how truly special you really are, all in a totally secure surrounding. 

‘Your life really is all about you.’

Wendy will give you the tools to allow you to find the answers that you have unconsciously locked away inside yourself, by using the power of key therapy.  Everyone has their own keys, and she can help to show you the way to retrieve them and take back your personal power.

Helping you to:

Look at life in a different light. Find your true potential, and be true to your self. Embrace your own feelings, and those of others.

Can this form of key therapy help you?

Do you want a more authentic and loving relationship? Are you searching for happiness - wanting to find a better you? Is your workload or career causing you to feel lost? Do you struggle with your relationship with food? Do you have an addictive issue? Is stress ruining your life? Are childhood anxieties still effecting you? Are you struggling to come to terms with grief? Is exhaustion stopping you from moving forward in your life? Are you suffering or in constant pain?                                      Are there any other emotional conditions or illnesses affecting your life? If so, take that first step and choose to start your life anew, learn how to tap into your better reserves and be the best person you can be, using this unique approach to bring about profound change and healing. Key therapy is a five key method to solving issues in a gentle way, using several  techniques and strategies to free you up to bring your life back into the present, awaken you to your true potential, and the freedom to be the real, authentic you.

The five key method:

1. Together with Wendy you will plan to gain crystal clarity of the exact issue that is blocking you; not always what you initially think! 2. She will present you with the tools and techniques that you can take away with you to explore, achieve and support the process. 3. Then form powerful strategies for a new positive attitude. 4. Accept and understand your issues, before transforming your outlook and bringing more clarity to the bigger picture of your life as a whole. 5. Final evaluation of all that you’ve achieved and the choices you’ve made, followed by feedback, resulting in your new found peace.

So in a nut shell you’ll learn to:

Stop and recognise the issue. Acknowledge the effect. Feel the emotion. Expand outside the box. ...be SAFE.  Bringing you to peace, joy and fulfilment. Key therapy, pricing:

1 1/2 hour Key therapy session

:  £80.00

For further information on this amazing energising experience call Wendy on 01825 733 590  or  07921 837 807 e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk If you enjoy key therapy why not enrich and enhance your journey by joining Wendy for a personal unique tailor made treatment using a combination of the complementary therapy methods that she specialises in such as Reiki, Seichim, and Avesa Energy Balancing in addition to key therapy?
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“Healing is a process, not an event”

Key therapy