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Advanced Workshops

The additional, advanced workshops are for those who have already attended the 5 Key

Workshop’s Programme.

These workshops are designed to take the knowledge you have gained and build on individual subjects to further deepen your understanding of yourself and how you relate to your world and the people in it. Please do ring if you are interested in any of the advanced workshops and have not been on the Key Workshop programme, if you have experience of a similar nature, we can discuss this and you can join at my discretion. I look forward to hearing from you.   These workshops can be done in small select groups or on an individual private session basis.  The Key to understanding the truth around anger in the world. This course will be looking at how we can choose our emotional responses.  Some we view as positive, others we view as negative, we tend to embrace the positive and run away from the negative, neatly stuffing it down internally thereby setting imbalance in the body. We will look at the emotional reaction of anger among others.  It is a word that is used a bit like an umbrella it can cover a multitude of beliefs, attitudes and conditions words can be so misunderstood, misinterpreted and confusion takes place.  It can take the form of a little irritation or annoyance, frustration, resentfulness, disrespect, superiority etc. We will investigate what these individual words actually mean to you. When we are angry, which is an emotional reaction, we make judgements and that is when we feel that something has been done to us and we are judging it rather than investigating, growing and expanding through the energy. In this course we are going to go deep into the realms of the emotional reactions we use and come out the other side with tools to guide and help us through the murky soup surrounding our reactions.  This course will help you to discover a way out of confusion, doubt and fear and to move into trusting, knowing and supporting ourselves with love. The Key to unlocking your present relationships. Encouraging you to see your family with fresh eyes, enabling you to connect with gratitude to the gifts they hold for you, empowering your present relationships. This is a healing, freeing and releasing course which will help you to view your parents as individuals rather than your “mum or dad”.  It will help you to see which of their traits you may have picked up, some helpful, some not and to understand that you may have taken on their baggage as well as your own. As you become more aware you can apply all this knowledge to your present relationships, empowering you to create a new level of freedom, abundance and connection.  Remember it’s never too late to choose new beginnings! For further information or to make a booking either call Wendy on 07921 837 807 or e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk
Anger Relationships
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