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Why Workshops?

Phenomenal ‘Five Key Workshop’ Programme Accredited by The Federation of Holisitic

Therapists (each course carries 5 CPD points).

Key Workshops feel that a different and unique energy is generated when small groups of like-minded people, with a commitment to knowing more about themselves, are brought together in workshops.  Which is why this programme has been designed!  The workshops are held regularly throughout the year in Sussex.  The Programme spans roughly 3 to 6 months, with a workshop being held regularly, every two, three or four weeks.  This allows for time to integrate and practice all the learning gained on a particular day.  Each individual day runs from 10.00am to 5.00pm with regular breaks.  It is one of connection, instruction, exercises (written and verbal), meditations and shared knowledge. Key Workshops’ approach is one of openness where you are encouraged to remember that you know all the answers!  This is done with humour, sincerity, compassion and empathy.  The classes are limited to small numbers to enable you to feel comfortable and included.  The support of the group is a very important part of the day, as exploring concepts and issues in a group allows each person to realise that they are rarely alone in their thoughts, feelings and fears. By the end of the fifth workshop, the support and friendship of the group reaches unique levels.  Key Workshops is committed to helping you learn in a safe, fun and supported environment.  Lessons are more readily accepted and learnt when there is an element of joy and laughter to lighten the day. For further information or to make a booking either call Wendy on 07921 837 807 or e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk

Book and pay for all 5 courses together and receive a 10% discount!

Additionally, each time you introduce a friend who books on all 5 Key Workshops, to say thank you, you will be rewarded with a £20.00 voucher towards any Advanced Workshop or individual session.  These vouchers are cumulative and have no time limit!

Taster Sessions.

For those who would like a sneak preview of the ethos of what Key Workshops is all about.  Try a taster session which demonstrates how we will work together and the sort of information, topics and methods that I use to help encourage and empower you. So I warmly invite you to try either of my 2 ½ hour ‘Taster’ sessions: "You are so much more than you think" or  "Is jealousy ever okay?" Each session is £90.00 or come to both for £150 For further information or to make a booking either call Wendy on 07921 837 807 or e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk

Receive a free audio CD ‘The key to your own melody’ when you attend your first

session, while stocks last.

I will be delighted to present to you an uplifting and inspirational CD which has been specially recorded to accompany the Key Workshops Programme.  This includes meditations that have been used throughout the 5 Key Workshops programme and songs which have been uniquely written for the programme to give a musical interpretation of the journey of self-discovery encouraged by the workshops.
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