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Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy

Chakra balancing and healing.

This modality is all about Chakra balancing and healing.  Perhaps the most detailed examination of the chakra system is found in the teachings of ancient India. The chakras in the human body are channels for vital energy.  There are seven major chakras in the body which are based in the main nadi in the very centre of the spine.  Every major chakra has a link to the seven endocrine glands of the body. So at this session using a chakra questionnaire, you will be given a full chakra report and information on the characteristics and influences that each chakra has on your health and well-being.  You will be encouraged to learn how to balance the energies thereby bringing about mental, emotional and spiritual harmony using practical sequences and techniques to help you tune your own chakras thereby allowing you to be in charge of ensuring that these energy power houses are fully functional bringing you peace, harmony and joy, and attracting abundance and success to your daily life.  If you wish to go further on your road of discovery at your next session we will touch on the science of the Rudraksha tree and its seeds’ healing properties with respect to each of our chakras and the energy levels therein.  It has been scientifically shown that they work by opening up the Chakras of the human body.  They carry an electromagnetic frequency that assists to sustain this balance.  The rudraksha are best known for their biomedical properties and are good to control stress, hypertension and blood pressure issues.  They increase self-power and invoke self-love.  They can be used to assist greatly with offering peace of mind for the wearer while stimulating the mind and sharpening the intellect.  It is a powerful balancer of the chakras and a valuable tool to assist in holding the chakras in a balanced energetic state.  We can also look at the science behind the wearing of gems, not just for beauty however, but for their gifts to us for the basis of good health and well-being as well. These gems are natural, untreated, and unheated.  This is the fundamental background for Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy.  Be intrigued and come along for your first session to set you on your path to learning the ways in which to keep your chakras balanced and your energy levels positive and your life abundant and healthy. Session One: 1 1/2 hours £100 To include a unique personal chakra report, full explanation,  handouts of  practical sequences and techniques for you to take away and use at home. Session Two: 1 1/2 hours £80 Looking into your very own personal healing combination of Rudrashka and Ratna. For further information on this energising experience call Wendy on 01825 733 590  or  07921 837 807 e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk
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