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Reiki teaching

Reiki teaching. 

Reiki is a simple yet powerfully effective healing technique to learn, it is a first aid kit in your hands, anyone can learn; and you can give yourself a Reiki treatment. There are many reasons why people seek to learn this natural healing method; from healing for friends and family, relief from stress and long term illness, to finding ones full potential, personal growth and life path.

If you enjoy Reiki, why not learn how to self heal by being attuned into

Reiki yourself?

Wendy teaches the traditional Usui form of Reiki.  This can be done on a one to one basis or in very small groups as this is a very special and personal path of self discovery. Wendy is always honoured to share her knowledge with anyone who is interested in this beautiful and gentle art of self discovery and healing.  As a Reiki Master she offers full after care and guidance during this very special personal journey.

Reiki workshops - run monthly.

Reiki 1:  ‘All about you’  -  £150.00 A one-day course introducing you to the wonderful healing energies of Reiki.  Learn not only about the history and background to Reiki, but also how and where it can be used, its benefits and most importantly, how to use it on yourself.        Reiki 2:  ‘Symbols, distant healing, and working with others’  -  £150.00 A one-day course taking you further along your journey with Reiki.  You will be guided through the method of distant healing and other techniques. Reiki 3:  ‘Master’  -  £250.00 A course that brings together all you have learnt so far, and gives you your ‘Mastery attunements’ and advanced techniques. Reiki 4:  ‘Master Teacher’  -  £350.00 This is a very special course and requires firm commitment to Reiki and its principles.  You will receive full instruction on how to run courses yourself and ‘attune’ others.  You will receive full guidance and after care support. Reiki refresher courses: 10am to 1pm -  £80.00 Did you take a Reiki 1 or reiki 2 a while ago and would now like to think about moving up a level? Come and have a refresher course.

Reiki workshops are run on a monthly basis, please contact Wendy for

current schedule information.

To find out more about Reiki call Wendy on 01825 733 590  or  07921 837 807 e-mail: wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk
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