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No matter where you are physically, emotionally or mentally, Reiki will meet you there and bring to you the relief you are seeking

Reiki is the gentle yet powerful universal life force energy that exists within every living thing. During the healing session you remain fully clothed on a massage table with a light covering, my hands are either placed on you or just above.

During a Reiki treatment this healing energy is channelled by the practitioner and transferred through the hands for healing of the physical, emotional and spirit. This gentle hands-on treatment aims to restore the natural energetic flow within, and to release any physical and emotional blockages.

The Reiki experience and its benefits

The benefit of a Reiki treatment touches all levels of your being: mental and emotional and brings relief from feelings such as grief, being overwhelmed, anxiety, stress, burnout, anger, guilt, perspective, negative mind chatter, and sleeplessness.

On a physical level Reiki can help with the immune system, enhancing energy levels and is especially effective for recovery from surgery, and assists with coping with life when living with illness.

Reiki is a complementary therapy and will not interfere with any medical treatments, which is why it’s found in hospitals and hospices here and overseas. It has also been reported to reduce many of the unwanted side effects of radiation and drugs, including chemotherapy for all the many different forms of cancer including Mesothelioma, cancer caused by asbestos.

After a Reiki treatment many people feel refreshed, relaxed, clearer and more content in themselves. Reiki is suitable for people of all ages. It can help replenish your vital energy force.

Reiki simultaneously treats the spiritual and mental causes of an illness, not merely the physical symptoms.

1 hour Reiki session: £60.00

Distant Reiki is also available.  Please contact me for further details.


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