Unique combination holistic treatments

‘Until we know the state of your inner harmony, we can at the most release you from your illness – because your inner harmony is the source of your health.  But when we release you from one illness, you will immediately catch another, because nothing has been done with regard to your inner harmony.  The fact of the matter is that it is your inner harmony which must be supported’
Paracelsus: Hidden Mysteries of Eastern Temples.

I am a great believer in working with the mind, body and soul to get the best possible results.  Combination treatments are for those people who are really ready to work on their emotional issues.  These treatments are designed uniquely for each client.

The treatment will depend on what you wish to achieve from the session.  The body is an amazing ball of continually moving energy, if we hold on to a negative experience or emotion this can get blocked in a particular part of the body.  If this block is not freed up it will in turn cause disease in the body.  Short term blocks are called acute but if it has been blocked for a long time it becomes chronic.

‘All suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness, which generates fear and self-hatred, which eventually causes illness’.
From ‘Hands of Light’ by B A Brennan

Wendy will motivate people to think for themselves, we all know the answer to any question about our lives if we listen hard enough to our own hearts.  Giving you time and space to truly think.  Using compassion and empathy to challenge the perception of your truth and help you to see that this may not be the same as someone else’s truth.  Inviting you to feel safe with your own feelings and see the reality of them and find the ability to accept them.  Bringing you back to a place of awareness that will reconnect you to the divine source.

Questioning and helping people to get interested in what is happening for them? What is happening for others around them?  How it makes them feel? What are their thoughts? How they would or could behave if they did not have that particular thought? This can be an extremely freeing exercise.

She will use the strength to slowly, gently and lovingly show people the mirror that everyone they meet is holding up for them, without judgement, but as gifts that they have to offer us, to help process certain emotions that we may be burying, causing imbalance, pain and lack of homoeostasis.  Investigating these emotions with integrity.

With ‘The Wendy Way’ you will be encouraged to step out of the normal bounds of your life and to begin seeing yourself differently. Using Reiki, Avesa Energy Balancing, card readings and key therapy for energy work, along with further spiritual and emotional investigation.  Working on all these levels can give some dynamic results.

‘The Wendy Way’, a unique tailor-made treatment

1½ hour Session:  £100.00

“Wendy is relaxed and friendly and knowledgeable of her subject. She helped bring up things that I wasn’t conscious of to work with and clear. She helped me understand the importance of maintaining balance in my life.”
Uckfield, East Sussex
“I felt very nurtured by it and it showed me the path that I should be taking, recognising that I have to let go of the past to move forward. I now feel empowered to do this.”
“As a therapist Wendy is easy to talk to, she explained how she worked so that I got a frame of reference. The work with her has helped me to look at things differently, explained some of my traits and taught me to be more open minded about how to solve problems with this in mind. She is very helpful, professional and easy to talk to.”
Burgess Hill, West Sussex
“Working with Wendy has totally changed my life, amazing!”
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
“She is an inspiration.”
Isle of Man


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