Would you like to be more like a tree?


Let’s be more like the trees

I want to be more like a tree!
Were you ever as a child in a gym class asked to ‘pretend you were a tree’? I was… and I never got the message at all…. I didn’t want to be ‘a tree, I found it hard enough working out who I was, let alone pretending to be a tree! However recently I have been thinking about this subject and I thought I would share my thoughts. A tree starts off as a little seed, if it lands in soil it will grow, it puts roots down into the earth for sustenance and support, it stands tall for all to see, it blossoms and goes through the cycle of life. It holds its branches out to the sun and the rain. It hides nothing of itself, and it moves with the flow of the wind. As I thought more about this I realised that indeed the life of a tree is to be envied. It lives with the knowledge that all its needs will be met by the universe. It is supported by the planet and every year it goes through its life cycle without thought of problems or strife.
So, maybe my gym teacher actually knew a thing or two. Had I actually started to learn to be more like a tree I would have gone through life blissful and content letting everything flow around me, standing tall, showing the real me to all, having my roots firmly on the planet and feeling totally loved and supported by the universe.
What can I say? I do….. I really do want to be more like a tree!!