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nature's free diamonds

Nature’s free light diamonds

Can you see how the light dances on the water?

It seems to me that we are like that light, dancing on this earth.  Sometimes we are shinning with joy and love sharing our light and then something happens to extinguish it.  It is as if we are playing the hokey cokey, dipping in and out of joy and love.

If you think of a glitter ball it has just one light in it, however it has lots of little holes where the light shines through in lots of different directions.  We humans are the little lights, when nothing is there to obscure it, when our ego is calm and at rest we can shine like diamonds, when we let our ego get all wound up and come from a place of lack and fear it hides.  It is always there inside us just not necessarily visible to others or even ourselves at times!

Finding a way to come from love not fear at all times is the path to freedom.  When we truly know ourselves and have learnt to love ourselves warts and all, then and only then do we find this amazing uplifting feeling of being able to truly connect and share this love with others.

In doing this we gain peace.

It is all about being whole, not expecting or needing anyone else to make us happy.  It is always our choice in any situation as to how we feel, it is our choice to come from either love or fear in any situation.

Truly it is that simple, but not always that easy. Love and light are but a choice away.  Your choice, no one else can make it for you. It is a split second decision, reaction or considered response.

When we are able to come from love on a more regular basis we find diamonds of light everywhere we look.  When we focus on the love in others and truly see their soul and not their ego, we find a magical formula for joy and freedom to be our authentic selves, which enables us to see their light too.  This takes so much less energy than trying to cover our light so we feel filled with exuberance and the joy of life.

Try it for a few days, let your light shine like a diamond for all to see and feel the freedom of peace and love waft through you.