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How can anger and frustration be the forerunner of a gift

This may seem a weird concept for many, however when looked at from a certain angle, anger (when acknowledged and owned) really can be the start of an amazing learning curve about yourself and bring you to peace. Okay so this is a very personal blog and does not portray me in a very good light so please be patient and understanding of my vulnerability at posting this.  Thank you.

Recently I was lucky enough to go L.A. by airplane.  I am able to travel on a staff travel ticket which means the seat is not guaranteed. I do not do this very often so whenever I do it is a real treat.  If I am lucky I get upgraded which is a huge honour.  However equally I can be turned off the plane for a full fare paying client right up to the moment of take-off.  Needless to say there has always been an element of fear that I won’t get on, that I won’t get an upgrade, sometimes they can give you the upgrade as you collect your ticket however sometimes you never know until you get on the plane if this has happened or not…….  On each occasion so far I have been so very blessed and lucky……However due to my childish behaviour on this particular trip it would seem that I have begun to take the upgrade a little for granted, as in feeling it is a right rather than an honour.  I was not aware that I was doing this until this trip.  On the way out all was fine…. I got on the plane and was told that I could be upgraded to first! Wow…..Was that something else or what…… blessed, honoured, full of gratitude I didn’t even mind the 5 hours delay due to a faulty computer software malfunction.

However on the night before my flight home, I looked up on the plane bookings and saw that it was very full, I had been issued a ticket however it was one of the worst seats on the plane!!! It also looked as if that ticket might be not be guaranteed either….. I started to go into fear and panic and yes a kind of anger against the situation, I went into poor me, playing the victim…..then I thought of all the things I have been learning about how to love every experience for the gift that it is and decided to see it as a massive learning curve and to stay at peace and choose to see that whatever happened it would be for my highest and best good.  The rest of the day was great as I put it all behind me and went whale-watching, the reason for my trip and it was amazingly magical and awe inspiring.

The following morning when checking the website the plane appeared to have a few seats in club class that I might be able to be upgraded to……. all going well so far…. Got to the airport and my original ticket was issued to me.  Right at the back, right next to the loo!! No upgrade appeared.  I went into victim…I could feel a panic attack…. Fear and doubt arrived and this actually brought on a kind of anger as I have said… a frustration that I really struggled to control and I could feel it taking hold.   I walked on to the plane with dread in my heart……I felt claustrophobic in the tight seats all so close together…. It’s a night flight, how will I sleep?  …This isn’t fair….. how will I cope…..etc etc…..Then  I thought hang on a minute….I am grateful that I am actually on the flight……however part of me kept thinking that a cabin crew would come and say no worries, there is a better seat for you but they didn’t!! We took off and I thought…well okay let’s check this out…. Then it hit me….. What a spoilt twat am I?  What am I doing??????? I took a deep breath and said to myself ….hey let’s just slow down, calm down, take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture…..I have been lucky enough to go to L.A, thank you ……. I am actually on the flight, thank you.  I do have a seat, thank you.  I am by the loo so I can go whenever I want and can always see when it is free, thank you.  I may not sleep due to the fact of the seat position however it will give me time to do some work, thank you…. I can watch a film that I would not of otherwise had the chance to, thank you………. I did this for about half an hour and gradually the panic, frustration, fear and anger at the situation left and peace filled my whole being.  At that moment……….that exact moment that peace arrived within me….so did a cabin crew member to ask if I would like to move to a more comfortable seat…..… Well…as you can imagine, I was so very grateful, so overjoyed and so humbled that the experience had taught me so much about myself and my judgements, anger, fear and doubt and how finding peace can bring miracles.

Was it a 4th dimensional plug, was it immense ego at work, or was it something else? I am not really sure the exact trigger needs to be known.  The lesson was clear, when you can find peace within yourself miracles can happen, and if they don’t ….well you’re at peace anyway so it doesn’t matter!!

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