A brighter, lighter world


With lockdown slowly being reversed and governments all around the world trying to work out the VERY best way forward let us show compassion and empathy to all.

It is in these very moments that we can really choose to start to change our world.  To take this moment to really contemplate how we can better serve humanity and the planet by coming from love not fear.

Right now it is even easier to fall into the trap of judging others. We tend to judge others when we are afraid. When we are coming from fear we do one of two things. We can shut down and withdraw mentally, emotionally or physically, or we decide to react with anger and attack, attempting to dominate or put down the other person.

Quite often we will boomerang from one action to the other depending on how strong and powerful we feel at the time or how powerless we feel in the situation.

The more we start to choose to come from love, honour and respect rather than fear and judgment in every situation the more we discover and experience peace, freedom, joy and trust WITHIN OURSELVES.

Sometimes when we are in this space we attempt to share our words of love and trust, though sometimes this vocal sharing causes a reaction in others who are still based in their own fear. If we are able to share the love energetically this improves the interaction. Here are some loving ways forward.

Some of us may not agree with the suggestions and ruling that is being put out.  That is okay. Be respectful.

There are people who will still choose to stay in lockdown because they feel vulnerable, fear the virus and they feel this is the right thing to do. Be compassionate.

There will be people who are desperate to get back to work to save their business or pay their bills or stay in their homes. Be understanding.

Masks will be worn by some and not by others. Be courteous.

A few will dash out to get nails done or go to the hairdresser. Be gracious.

Everyone will have their own unique view of how everything should be taking place.  That’s okay. Be polite to each other.

We each will have our own storey as to why we make the decisions we make. Recognise the diversity and flow with it. Be calm.

If someone needs to go out, just honour their choice and be cordial.

We are not all in the same boat.  We cannot possibly know what is going on for each person.  Until we have walked in their shoes we have no idea how hard or easy lockdown has been for them.  Be open hearted.

This is not the time to stop loving the other person, it is the time to see past their fear and reach out to the love that is in them behind the fear and the anger that they may be projecting your way. Be constant in your courage to love without expectation.

The fact is that if we were coming from love not fear ourselves we would have been aware that to open our mouth and criticise their belief, would be detrimental to the harmony and peace within ourselves. So consider how negative it is to allow a feeling of hurt when we have tried to share our ideas about how we feel and expected everyone to agree with us.  They may not see it from our viewpoint at all! Relax be mellow.

Whenever we can see the love in another instead it will touch the soul of them, even if we do not say anything. It will be a loving energy exchange.   As we learn to be free from fear enough to come from this place of love and trust we can choose to allow them the freedom to be and feel how they choose to to be.  If we stay loving inside and do not match their anger energy then we provide the space for them to choose to come from a different perspective.  It may not happen in your time however know that this will take place. 

This is how we can together build a brighter, lighter more loving future on this planet.

REMEMBER when sharing LOVE – HONOUR – RESPECT – TRUST it will bring JOY AND FREEDOM within yourself. You will then be shining your light to guide others.