Which world do you choose to see?


Will humanity be able to turn the world around and create a brighter lighter and more joyous place to live in? YES it can! However with all the drama, trauma, dis-ease and chaos being played out in front of us through the social media, it is so very easy to succumb to the illusion of appearances and buy into the depleting energy cycle of fear and drama.

Pay attention though, LOVE will find a way when there appears to be no way. If we all decide to come from love not fear, one step at a time, we CAN make a difference. When we can let go of judgments and move forward from the, me versus you scenario or us versus them, we can literally start to rebuild a new brighter lighter energy around the world one loving thought at a time.

Remembering our truth and waking up is not only possible it is inevitable. Each and every time we make a choice in loving kindness in any moment for anything that is happening around us, it makes it so much easier for others to do the same. When we judge others we are not coming from love, we are coming from fear and we are continuing the blocks to love. If we have negative thoughts we are adding to the collective consciousness accelerating the depleting energies around this planet.

Take a moment before you speak and ask yourself ‘are these words I am about to say going to be uplifting for all?’ If not, stop, breathe, take a look at the bigger picture of the world that you wish to be part of and choose another way of expressing yourself so that you are coming from love and for the highest and best good of all. This will bring renewing energy into being. We tip the scales every time we do this and the momentum of love builds every second. This is shown by the fact that the world of illusion and the worldwide ‘miscreation’ is swirling up to the surface to be healed and this can be achieved by love and the law of grace. Every look of love, every smile to a friend or stranger, every soft, authentic yet confident footstep gracefully moving forward, every loving gesture, every kind word, every gentle touch becomes a blessing for all of humanity. Even more exciting and magical ….every inner prompted act of loving kindness to yourself in your thoughts and actions ignites a spark for the renewal energy creating a better world. Yes…we can do this! Focus on loving yourself totally warts and all and watch as the scales of illusion fall from your eyes and you will recognise the truth. Love creates love.

With each person who aims to live with love moment by moment spreading it out to all they meet we start the ball rolling towards a new world order. We begin to restore and reignite the love that is truly ours to give and share with all.

Remember we are all doing the best we can from the knowledge that we have and the experiences we have shared. We are all unique however we are all joined as one as we are all members of the human race and living on this glorious planet together. So love yourself first and then …..Let’s go forth spreading love by sharing a smile, a kind word, a generous action and/or our time with others. It is very simple. Be strong, be kind, be loving. Watch how your world changes magically around you as you do this. Feel the freedom that this gives you and experience first-hand the wonder, beauty and peaceful world that this will bring into your energy field. Then share, share, share. We are the love, we are the truth, we can create heaven on earth through loving kindness to all.

Namaste everyone.