Clearing cobwebs away this springtime!


Well I am sitting in sunshine after torrential rain full of hope and excitement of the beautiful spring that nature is just beginning to reveal to us. This had me remembering one of the first things I learnt while on my path of self-discovery. It was that choosing to view things differently can change your life.  This does not change what you are doing just how you perceive it.  If you don’t mind I am going to share a very small personal journey of self-discovery to help you to understand the dynamics of this simple yet highly effective exercise.


Take one load of clean washing in a washing basket waiting to be ironed.  Now ironing used to be my least favourite occupation.  The basket would sit in a cupboard waiting….. I couldn’t see the basket however I could hear it calling to me ….’Wendy… look how much ironing there is to do, I am over flowing with clothes, it will take you ages, it will make your back hurt, your arm ache and when you have finished me… more will arrive!’  It became like a black hole, sucking all my joyful energy into it, leaving me feeling depressed, low and full of dread of having to actually do the ironing.


My thoughts would go to how I HAD to do the ironing.  No else was going to do it.  No one appreciated all my hard work. I was in fact beautifully playing the victim card.  So… since I was definitely not enjoying these thoughts I decided to try and look at things differently.


How good would I feel when I had finished it and the basket was empty? I like to wear ironed clothes. I like to see my family in freshly cleaned and ironed clothes.  So it occurred to me that instead of thinking I HAVE to do the ironing I could look at it as to I am doing the ironing for me!!! I will feel good about the empty basket.  As I began to turn these thoughts into good, uplifting, and positive ones the ironing took on a whole new energy.  I now look forward to ironing; I get a sense of achievement when it is done. I choose to dance and listen to music while I do the ironing so I get a work out too! How cool is that?


So from dreading something…. just by changing my judgement of the activity I have turned it into a fun experience! A win win situation if ever I saw one.


This spring time why not share with me something you find difficult to do with joy and together we will find a way to change the energy to uplift you instead? This is not about changing the way you live….it is about changing the way you view it. Let us together clear away the cobwebs of victimhood and dread and replace it with uplifting energy and a new spring in our steps.  PM for an appointment.