2019 Unity

The Key to unlocking your present relationships

With everything going on in and around this world at the moment it seems really important to me that we focus on our similarities rather than our differences…….

Long live our similarities!
The key in life is to go really deep into our breath in moments of chaos and drama and exhale all fear and anger and breathe in love.
When we are born into this human body, our physical being, we start to perceive that we are separate from others.  We arrive and find a harsh new reality which is starkly different from the unconditional love that our soul came from. In our beloved mother’s womb we are beautifully protected from the human world, from the very start her body nourishes us and regardless of what is going on for her emotional and physically her body held us safe. On arrival in the outside world we then start to focus on the differences between ourselves and others, our ego starts to perform and it focuses not on our similarities with others but our differences.  As we grow older we start to see that the problem here is that the human race appears to start to use power, abuse, violence, unfair treatment etc. as the normal way to deal with these differences.  We have lost sight of the empathy and joy that can come from revelling in our similarities.  We tend to fear what we do not understand instead of loving our differences with an open heart and optimistic view that we could learn from these very differences that we fear.  They can teach us to grow in love, joy and peace rather than stagnate in a field of fear, chaos and drama.
With all this fear going around we forget that we are all souls that have originated from the same source.  Whether we are man or women, old or young, whatever colour skin we live in, we are all ultimately human.  Equal in every way. So come on everyone, everywhere, go out and find the similarities between everyone you meet and yourself.  What you focus on is what you see….if you look for similarity and love that is what you will see and feel, if you focus on the fearful differences that is what you will see and experience.  As you do this watch and be amazed as your immediate world is transformed into a happy, joy filled world.  As you do this energetically you will encourage others to do the same.  Let’s give it a go.  Let’s turn this world around one person at a time. With any luck it might be like a snowball and grow and grow across the world. Give similarity a chance versus difference.  Give love a chance versus fear.
Take a deep breathe…breathe out the fear of difference and breathe in the love of similarity which is a bountiful and beautiful way to be. This is when balance occurs and equality comes joyfully forward to bring freedom to all.  So go forth in 2019 and celebrate unity.